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1 Admin Website + 1 Customer Facing Website + 1 Backend Database + 1 Cloud Functions

An full and evolving pre-construction management and sales suite.

The Challenge - CVRE’s challenge was to combine the core functionality of multiple apps into a single app with a limited budget. This included listing management, broker commissions, staff & sales management, builder info, notification & blasting abilities, and different levels of info for different users. Data must be syndicated across all 3 Admin, Website and Apps. This first version was build with React, Firebase, Cloud Functions and is able to significantly save cost.

The Solution - We built a full suite product with all the features. A creative 3D modelling idea was built but later removed in the final version because the content required to feed the feature was deemed too expensive to generate. Project time-line was delayed 2 months due to added features in-mid project. Expected release is end of Feb 2023.

After 10 Months of development, CVRE was able to fully migrate over to the application & cut a lot of extremely expensive subscriptions.


The Result - CVRE was able to use the project to showcase investment in a sector and gain favour. In addition save tremendous software subscription costs… plus own a product of their own!