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1 Admin Website + 1 Internal Sales Website + 1 Internal iOS & Android Driver App + 1 Backend Database + 1 Backend Server

Sales, Inventory Management with maps & expiry dates

The Challenge - Empire's challenge was to create an innovative product to make their own warehouse operations easier and more detailed with expiry dates, location of each inventory, and a complex sales and order picking system. Price and amounts are audited by a connection to quickbooks where the entire database is mirrored where able. The site that we inherited was never tested and had many many bugs.

The Solution - We built this solution as a contiuation from a previous developer, so we stayed in the stack: React / Firebase / Node. We cleaned up unnessicary services and added cloud function connections. We moved the enviroment from buggy to stable by building up 1 part at a time, constantly asking for feedback and review.

After 3 months of focused development, we managed to bring the product to a stable state. During the time, we tried to launch 3 times, but at each launch we realized the producted needed more features. By the 4th, going with feedback from the employees and order pickers themselves, we were able to bring this to production.


The Result - An innovative complex warehouse application that was brought back to life. All products are internal and confidential.