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1 Admin Website + 1 Customer Facing Website + 1 Business facing Website + 1 iOS & Android App + 1 Backend Database + 1 Node JS Server

A full evolving staffing application suite.

The Challenge - HD Group's challenge was to digitise and syndicate data in the temporary staffing industry, between workers, agencies, and businesses. Application MVP was built first with a simpler React + Firebase stack at 10% of the final version budget before we migrated to a more customizable and scalable stack with Mongo, React, React Native and Node.

The Solution - We built a full suite product with complex time tracking, shift tracking, automatic training and data view permissions for 3rd party sources. Sensitive data had to be collected and securely stored. Workers themselves and see their shifts, and pick up new temporary shifts on the app.

After 1.5 year development, the agency was able to cut half their staff while maintaining the same number of clients. This increased their business valuation almost 2x due to far more operating profits.


The Result - HD Group's product development and integration reduced significant company inefficiencies, and increased productivity for themselves, their workers, and their businesses.